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Brussels ........
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Edited Mar 24, 2016, 18:39
Re: Brussels ........
Mar 24, 2016, 18:34
I can only add my thoughts to all this as my time permits, so here goes......

And really, not so much to rebut your thoughts either Dave, but just to add my own. I'm getting old enough now that {demanded} 'debate' just raises my blood pressure to alarming levels. To say nothing of how much it apparently reveals to amateur psychologists about my apparent state of mind... {never have suffered 'depression' mind...Just workaholism i suppose}

But things are looking dire. The current news feeds are reporting that a radioactive dirty bomb is not beyond considering and may have actually been in the works via kidnapping an official within the Brussels nuclear works....
And that's just Brussels.{that we know about}
But getting back to your posting, What could anyone have against Brussels? As a terrorist target?
This puts it in perspective for me. Indiscriminate mayhem and slaughter.
Not so sure it's so simple a thing as just 'ISIS' {for a name}......
And what faction?
If I understand it correctly, it's primarily Sunni's with Salafic and wahhabist indoctrination.....{or Jihadi John[where the fuck does he fit in]}{Boston marathon brothers}[etc.....][more to come]
Are we fighting disenfranchisement too?
Does every person from the middle east deserve the 'Promise' of a better life simply because they got across such and such a border?
So it's not down to just one ideology or ethnicity. Is it?
Identical cultural DNA aside.
Or the Taliban.
What's the common link to target or appease?
Is Islam the tie that binds? Or the difference of a prophet that divides? Or a serious culture divide with no hope of integration possibility?
It's an immigrants responsibility to merge into a preexisting society {with it's own equilibrium}and not buck it with insistence that their 'way of life' be catered to.
And so...That is just the problems amongst themselves, for starters.
And the beef against the world at large, I guess that would have to be a gross incompatibility with western civilization. How else to really account for the escalation of things as they stand.
Before ISIS there was the Taliban {and airline shoe bombers}...I can't believe the murderous campaign they have been conducting against their own children in Pakistani schools for many years now. To say nothing of world heritage site obliteration.
I don't think that 'western civilization' is totally culpable here.
You know, it's an irony of modern life that literacy may have a lot to do with things these days.
It's only recently in history that so many Islamist's could actually read and understand the Koran, and are conscripting so many of it's tenets that are call to arms against the 'unbelievers and infidels'...
Too bad that Islam does not seem to be an evolving faith.
Perhaps more later.

PS: I didn't mention 911 because I have come to realize that is in poor taste to discuss. And 'they' had 'their' reasons.....

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