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Edited May 07, 2015, 19:46
Re: Cat Stevens...
May 07, 2015, 19:44
billding68 wrote:
I think he(cat stevens) was introduced to Islam at a point in his life where he was desperate to find a meaning in life other then what he had. I think his motives for joining the cult of Islam were similar to the many who join the cult of scientology and just like scientology proponent Tom Cruise he was brainwashed into radical thought.the only difference in my eyes is scientology isn't about blowing yourself up where in extreme Islam its an honor to do so. Either way groups that fuck with your mind, be it organized religion or A.A. are dangerous especially to those who are weak minded or looking acceptance.

Without wishing to start another fued, Islam and the Muslim faith is not a cult, it's a proper religion. The overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world are peace loving people. There are many issues I don't agree with Muslims about (and also with other religions and belief systems), but the right to practice one's faith is not one of them. People can find 'a meaning in life' in all sorts of ways, be it various religions/idologies, politics or even swimming with dolphins! As for brainwashing, most religions can be guilty of that. I was raised as a Roman Catholic. Do you really think at 7 or 8 years old I could make a rational choice and a philisophical knowing at my first Holy Communion at the so called existence of a Christian god? I'm glad to say when I got a bit older I made the choice to be an atheist.
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