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Super Roots 5 Meets Hanatarash 5

Released 1995 on WB Japan/Shock City
Reviewed by Unisonic, 24/06/2003ce

Eye of the Boredoms has always had the ability to really twist my head in ways I would have loved to explore myself if I had a recording studio. A real drone master in every sense of the word. Super Roots 5 by the Boredoms is a holy grail of music discovery in that it's very difficult to find nowadays, but also because it has such a rejuvenating effect on the brain your whole existence transforms. One track called "GO!!!!!" and one hour of solid drum, bass and guitar noise drone so entrancing you'll hit play again on the CD player when it's over. When it comes to a stop you come back from "there," and who wants to do that? So starting the CD all over again and getting back over "there" is all you can do.

Hanatarash 5 is an Eye solo slab with the same sort of effect but with a different set of tools. The whole CD is one track again called "We Are 0:00," but here he's using synthesizers to build and drop and coalesce for just under an hour. Imagine revving up a space ship for 54 minutes before take off and you've got the idea. And what is with the title of the track? Is Eye trying to tell us we are all without linear time in true reality? Is he trying to take us there?

I took it upon myself to overlay the entire Hanatarash 5 onto Super Roots 5 so that they play concurrently. Pure madness! You don't know whether to relax and turn off that little voice in your head or let it spew the mysteries of time and space at ya! Sonic confusion and clarity all at once!

Super Roots 5 has the power to make the floor boards rumble at the right volume and Hanatarash 5 will take the roof off. Put them together and your house is gone. You won't mind though, because you'll already be having an out of body experience elsewhere.

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