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Trisomie 21

Released 1989 on Play It Again Sam
Reviewed by Endorph, 12/02/2001ce

--03:07 The Golden Age - The metallic beat begins and so do the guitars. This instrumental opens up the album and takes me on a journey into an age which is sounds like factories producing many useful objects and employing many people. Though the Golden Age may refer to 18th Century, the sound of the song sounds very modern even for the 80's. --- 04:24 A Dirge For Love - The keyboard effects begin and sends us into the drums and guitars. Bruno is an excellent guitar player. He really is 'exceptional '. This sad song is about the separation of a couple when one person has to go away. Though some bands may finish an album with a song like this, T21 would use this to begin the album. It sets the melancholic tone.The bass in this song is thick and deep. --- 03:47 Betrayed - A slow and simple beat starts this song off. The keyboards color in the picture. This sounds like a very thick, medium tempo love song about... well, betrayal. "I can prevent your head to rotate... We spend reality watching... " --- 04:42 The Missing Piece - The music to this song is almost the same as "A New Outset ", only shorter. I 'm not sure which one was made first. This song is amazing. The beat is fast, full, complicated, and thick. The bass line is addictive and the guitars are exceptional. It 's very danceable especially with the disco-like guitars. Though this song is very metallic sounding too.. (not heavy metal metallic, industrial metallic!), the nervousness and confidence reflect the times with passion. "Many people have no where to go... I have enough time, I have enough friends.. Many people have no where to go... " --- 04:22 Messenger - This song finishes the first side in lovely way. The metallic piano uplifts the mind and soothes the soul. Then, the beat comes in with horn sounds synths and a deep bass line. Even though the horns and the beat sound upbeat and happy, the song maintains the bittersweet reality when the sample of "Goodnight everybody! " is repeated and echoed. Wonderful! --- 04:28 Harbours And Stations - This song (this version) is amazing! The driving beat and keyboard effects are brilliant. This song is not only danceable but is rocked out with Brunos exceptional guitars. Philippe 's voice sounds so beautiful and passionate in this song that it make me want to lock myself in a room with my lady and make sweet, passionate love to her all night long! The vocals are layered for an angelic, ethereal feel. This is a TRISOMIE 21 classic! "Another victory for love and devotion ...(passion)... Love and devotion... and devotion... love and devotion... " ---04:18 Speak By The Cards - Another TRISOMIE 21 classic! Well... in my ears... This is an unlikely song to loved by the average listener, but I enjoy the chaos and the tense nervousness of this song. This song begins with a sampled synth loop where a complicated beat kicks in to complement it. Then, it stops! The beat comes back.. alone. This beat is odd. It sounds like an industrial hip hop beat, complicated, full and hard. Philippe 's vocals have a broad range in this song. They start out really low like he is just talking but he gets really into it and becomes very passionate. There are sampled effects in the background which are weird and hard guitars which wake you up. This song is beautiful in it 's chaos. Some of the lyrics are the same as The War Outside "Speak by the cards!.. for what do I care.. " The keyboard effects go along with Philippe 's voice so well! This is an amazing song! ---- 01:21 The Story So Far - Slow, spooky and almost acoustic if it weren't for the echoed effects. This short song is wonderful but also very sad and almost scary.. The guitars are played very well and the echoed effect add so well to the atmosphere of this song. One thing that I love about this song is that though it is so short, it 's repetitive since the melody and chords.. changes dramatically without using any different instruments. "... I'm moving, opening your doors.. with the keys of your kingdom, I look in the mirror and I say 'I kill myself if I ever went blind.. I kill myself if I ever went blind '... You spend the rest of your days walking by the seaside. " Another T21 classic! ----03:37 The War Outside - This song is amazing! A sampled voice kicks the song off and the slow, gothic industrial beat sets it off. The beat sounds somewhat like the Speak By The Cards beat if it was slowed down dramatically. This song is beautiful in it 's sadness. The piano adds a sophisticated atmosphere. Like Speak By The Cards, sampled voices and effects are in the background too. There 's an instrument in this song that sounds so beautiful. I don't know if it is keyboard or guitar but it sounds like we 're in a field in the orient during a war. ---- 04:14 West Wind - This instrumental is named after the poem. The live version of this song actually has a woman reciting the poem.. but that 's not this version. This instrumental is sad, cute and tight. It 's almost in two parts. The first part is light with a light bouncy keyboard melody in the background. the second part comes in with a deep soulful keyboard atmosphere. Anyway, this song is beautiful, sad, and has a sophisticated atmosphere. --- 03:54 Another Move (Remix) - The keyboard, the addictive keyboard loop starts this song. Philippe 's vocals are brilliant. This song is brilliant! The beat comes in along with amazing effects from the synth. This remix does not have all the lyrics. halfway through it, the lyrics stopped compared to the original version or the live version. He even sings very high at one point. A sample comes in of a guy saying... "Try to protect the dream! " This song is still amazing! It 's the kind of song where you want to prove your love to the one you want to be with for the rest of your life, kind of like Harbours and Stations. It has a magical and positive atmosphere. It 's very uplifting and inspiring. "I 'm moving by you, I 'm moving by you... " Just when you think the melody is brilliant, another melody played on bass and keyboard is laid on top of the already brilliant melody. This makes this song more brilliant! Another TRISOMIE 21 classic! --- 03:41 The War Outside (Instrumental) - This is an instrumental version of the previous War Outside. It 's the same song without Philippe 's vocals. The music is so thick and beautiful and the beat is so strong and dramatic that this instrumental truly can stand alone without Philippe’s voice. It is a very serious song with an amazing new age quality. --- 05:59 Joh 'Burg "Live " (From the official bootleg of T.21) - This live version of this song is beautiful. Though it is reminiscent of the older songs and it is not as full, long or hard as the studio version, this song just sounds so damncool. The tribe sample kicks the song off and the pounding drums begin to drive. It 's gothic, it 's industrial but has an upbeat tempo. Then, the song shifts to a more disco dance beat but keeps the dark quality of T21. The bass line, (like The Last Song) is addictive and just so damn ' cool. ".??? ....in the sky..... of one generation.. generation... " The vocals are kind of drowned out and hard to understand due to Philippe 's accent but his voice not only sounds cool but intelligent. The beat stops and starts again but has added keyboard effects which add an angelic flight to the song which makes the mind take off on a midnight drive.. A TRISOMIE 21 classic!!! Check out the OFFICIAL TRISOMIE 21 (T21) Home Page at http://www.geocities.com/sscwon/t21.html or http://t21.isCool.net
or http://come.to/t21

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