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Julian Cope
Floored Genius:The Best Of

Released 1992 on Island
Reviewed by Le Samourai, 17/12/2000ce

Well hello Mr. Cope! I never thought anybody would put out a “Best Of” (there’s that word again. Don’t worry folks this is my last stop in that area) for The Drude but Floored Genius makes a brilliant case for him. I bought this after buying St. Julian and was uh, floored by his um, err genius. What really amazes here is how he can hold all his ideas together and sculpt them into one perfect pop gem after another over the years. All I had heard and read about him for the longest time was how crazy he was and when I heard this disc all that talk just finally evaporated.

This is also a great document of Julian’s evolution into the
heavy, righteous Drude he is today. Simply compare the opening brill pop folly o’ “Treason” with the closing massive Krautrock mindtrip of “Safesurfer.” I don’t think anybody has gone from one intriguing extreme to the other like that. Another interesting point is how “friendly” this music is. I know it sounds weird but you figure anybody hanging ‘round Echo & The Bunnymen for even a
little while would come up with some pretty grim music but
Julian’s vibe all throughout Floored’s phases is downright (dare I say this?) “Sunny” (I hope he, Mrs. Cope, their children, and anybody at Head Heritage aren’t offended by that statement:-)

That’s not to say he’s Mary Sunshine’s husband on Floored.
“Reynard The Fox” is a darkly humorous tale of murder and “China Doll” is a weeper that ALMOST makes me think My Nation Underground wasn’t THAT bad. In any case, Floored Genius is a very worthwhile “Best Of.” If not for the music than at least for the kewl as phuk album art (dig that crazy map!) and liner notes. In fact, it makes me proud I went to go look for The Drude on the ‘Net, find Head Heritage and post this piece. Thank you so much
for reading it.

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