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Holy Modal Rounders - Indian War Whoop

Holy Modal Rounders
Indian War Whoop

Released 1967 on ESP
Reviewed by hungryhippie, 25/11/2000ce

noise. Funny noise.
violins, surprisingly eastern indian sounding noises.
then a sort of story.
ESP records eh? can't beat 'em. "the artists alone decide what you will hear on their esp-disk".
You know what? you can tell!
Sweet apple cider. great. file this one under odd folk from new york.
strangely compelling though. in fact, as i listen to it now, for the second time, it is really starting to make perfect sense.
a pastoral scene. no mountain goats.
soldiers joy. ho ho.
its really hard to red these reviews as you write them. v small font.
this is music by madmen. or sane men in a mad world. its hard to know what else to say.
I'm making this up as i go along, but that doesn't matter, cause so are the Holy Modal Rounders by the sound of it.
ESP records were also home to the fabulous Godz, and the equally dumfounding Cromagnon.
Search out all ESP disks. They are worthy of a place in anyones collection, well, anyone who's done too many drugs i guess.

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