Julian Cope presents Head Heritage

Kimono My House/Propoganda/Indiscreet

Released 0000 on Island
Reviewed by Daily Nightly, 01/11/2000ce

Sparks were one,no question, of the greatest bands of the 1970's.Their first 2 lp's,while cool,could never have prepared the world for the amazing trilogy that followed. 1974's "Kimono My House" and "Propoganda" and "Indiscreet" from '75. All of them are too good for words. Glam-rock-pop-classical-swing-humour all rolled into one of the most unique sounds ever. Kimono features one of the all time greatest tracks ever in "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us". Propoganda's "Something For The Girl With Everything" and "Happy Hunting Ground" from Indiscreet are right up there.Ron Mael wrote some of the most amazing songs. Genius lyrics and glam stomp guitars! I really can't single out one of these as a favorite, they are all amazing albums. No one before or since ever sounded like Sparks. God bless 'em.

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