Julian Cope presents Head Heritage


Released 1986 on sst
Reviewed by shawn, 17/09/2000ce

" If`n " came to my attention through a comunity radio station which featured underground music. In Texas,1986,radio was controlled by people who thought "Loverboy"was a good band. This one show late at night played good music. You, of course had to live within a five mile radius to pick up the signal. They played a song called "Brave Captain". I couldn`t stand it. The beat was so crazy,I just did`nt get it. They kept playing it,and suddenly I loved the song. I cought the groove. It was somthing i had to find. "Brave Captain" was from their first cd "Ragin Full On",but the best record is "If`n". Song after song of great writing and playing. Firehose is band with a bass for a lead guitar,and unreal drums. This is a record I go back to again and again. Uplifting,and healing are the words to describe this record . I feel the same way about "jehovahkill". This record is a bit different from the space rock ya`ll talk about ,but, well worth the look. Firehose comes from the ashes of the late 70`s california punk band minutemen. Another band to check out. I cant stress enough the energy,brains,and soul of Firehose. You wont be sorry for buying this record.

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