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Say You Will

Released 2003 on Reprise
Reviewed by horazio, 29/11/2008ce

Most won't believe it, but this is one of the best studio

records of 2003. The usual marketing frenzy accompanying their

releases /label initiatives/ made me to opt out of hearing it

back then. This time I mistook it for something older and got

surprised upon hearing it. It's a brainchild of the

relationship of Nicks - Buckingham, kind of a mini-rock opera

spread over 18 tracks. It's even loosely based on the Black

call & response vocal tradition. The monstrous "Murrow Turning

Over in His Grave" has a few 'delic layers of sonic brilliance.

Lindsey Buckingham adds so amazing psych guitar sounds you

would wonder how did he catch up with Peter Green as I thought

it's him in the beginning. Definitely it's one of the best

tracks of the year. The other main surprise comes from Nicks.

In "Illume (9/11)", written as an opus, she belts it out as if

she's Joan Jett or Bette Middler. 9/11 is used mainly as a

turning point in the couple's life, served as a unification in

hard times. Even the potential hit "Peacekeeper" has a powerful


You could not miss the gentle gesture of Christine McVie who

withdrew from the project, obviously allowing space for a tale

in the name of Buckingham - Nicks. Most tunes in the middle

reflect on the ups & downs of the story - "Smile at You",

"Running Through the Garden" ( a mighty Nicks work, her best

ever!), "Steel Your Heart Away", "Bleed to Love Her", "Destiny

Rules". Sensitively touching are the 2 closing pieces, softly

lyrical & sonically rich at the same time - his "Say Goodbye" &

hers "Goodbye Baby". Overall Lindsey's guitar work makes you

wonder why didn't he try to apply it on some of the older


Last but not least Little Steven also missed to notice it even

though he usually spins new releases of Rock dinosaurs - R.

Plant, the Who, Ringo etc.

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