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Pink Floyd

Released 1969 on Harvest
Reviewed by argyle_heir, 16/05/2004ce

On "More"- the soundtrack to a tale of drug addiction and infidelity in 1960s Ibiza (their first full release without Syd) Floyd absolutely nailed the ultra-enigmatic, shaded, mysterious, creepy style hinted at on "A Saucerful Of Secrets" (which was then taken into a more avant-garde place with the baffling "Ummagumma") but also mixed in moments of sheer pastoral beauty and brain frying fuzz guitar.

The first half of this soundtrack is undoubtedly the strongest- leading off with the birdsong and acoustic guitar of the much loved "Cirrus Minor" and the unrelenting, metallic "The Nile Song" then taking in such relaxed wonders as the haunting "Crying Song", "Cymbaline" and the unutterably gorgeous "Green Is The Colour". The icing on the cake comes in the form of two nutty instrumentals "Up The Khyber" (Rick Wright organ/piano freak out with frantic drums from Mason) and the bongo frenzy "Party Sequence".

The second half is of less interest to me but still features some great material- another rocker "Ibiza Bar" which is always unfairly overlooked in favour of it's extremely similar cousin "The Nile Song" and the epic mood piece "Quicksilver" (listen to this one over headphones in a dark room!).

Perversely Floyd chose to leave one of the best songs they wrote for the film off the actual soundtrack- the quirky psych pop rocker "Seabirds". This song is only availible on the actual film as it plays as background music (very quietly) in one of the scenes.

All in all a very, very cool album. Definitely one I wish I'd written!

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