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Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 23 September 2017 CE
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Re: Soundtracks of Our Lives week ending 23 September 2017 CE
Sep 24, 2017, 04:20
Well I should say alot happened this week musically-oriented... Last Sunday in Buffalo I saw X on their current 40th Anniversary tour! I had passed up previous chances to see this band and luckily this time they still had it. Billy Zoom still shreds on guitar, Exene still looked pretty active and the band rocked mucho! So I had dug out my copy of the two disc retrospective Make the Music Go Bang! and listened to it/played it on my radio show...

Then on Wednesday here in Rochester NY the Australian electronic dance/experimental pioneers the Severed Heads did a performance/video presentation at the Memorial Art Gallery. Both the trancy music and the visuals made for a delirious experience bordering on the mystically psychedelic. There was a question and answer session afterwards and I asked about their early cassette release Blubberknife, and if anybody wants to know, yes, it WAS released in old tv sets(!)

AND just came out of seeing a screening of Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present. Having met him in the past and seeing him live at least four or five times, I never realized how brilliant his theories are. If anyone was a true punk in the real sense, it was definitely him!

So anyways, also got a single by Wah!, Forget the Down!/ the Checkmate Syndrome which I got at the record fair before the X show in the same venue...

The Wake: Assembly -- Kind of an archive release before the remastered version of Here Comes Everybody with rare demos, live tracks and two singles originally put out by Sarah including the infamously nasty and funny tracks "Major John" and (of course, and saying what I've been saying all along...) "Lousy Pop Group"... And from the live tracks I nicked the bassline from one rather spookily half-formed song that never appeared on a studio album called "Country of the Blind" which seemed to have little to do with the HG Wells short story... I brought it to my band and we managed to make that rather too-tight Peter Hook-ish thing into something looser and more melodic.

And although I haven't played it yet I found an album by Texas New Wave/Power Pop group the Seventy Sevens called All Fall Down from 1984. I got an older album by them some time ago which was excellent and being a fan of Power Pop I can't wait to hear it...

Oh and by the way my bandmate Lars just made me a copy of the Ork Records singles collection, and what I've heard so far is great! Television's Little Johnny Jewel is on it (how could it not be?) as well as early stuff by the Feelies, Richard Hell and the Voidoids (the original "Blank Generation" you just HAVE to hear for yourself!), the DBs and more Alex Chilton than you can shake a stick at!
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