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Hawkwind advice please
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Re: Hawkwind advice please
May 26, 2017, 09:48
Fatalist wrote:
Andfurthermoreagain wrote:
Ha ha - thanks for picking me up on the label confusion (I knew RCA were involved at some point, but where I got Arista from I have no idea. I have read a few rock biographies lately so my mind is mush :-))

Thanks for the recommendations - very useful on the Calvert years as this is likely my next investigation (I try to keep things chronological).
Will definitely consider Quark... but am very very tempted to Hawklords - the 2CD Atomhenge version with the Sonic Assassins outtakes looks great

Go for it, the Sonic Assassins stuff is also fantastic

Picked up 25 Years On and (in a fit of pique - or rather it was the only CD they had in the shop at that point) The Machine Stops.
Love em' both;
25 Years On - only got this yesterday so hasn't sunk in yet but first impressions; fantastic album, totally different - as one would expect - to the UA Years, and even Brock's guitar sounds different, more intricate, quite Frippish in some places. Standouts are as you mentioned, Psi Power and particularly Freefall. Not listened to all the second disc yet (I tend to absorb an album fully before wanting to hear alternative versions/demos), but the Sonic Assassins stuff is as you suggested, really fucking good - particularly the rambling free-form ad-lib of Over The Top (which Ian Abrahams compares to the Club Zoo live version of Sleeping Gas - and I can see why).
The Machine Stops - without having heard all the bits and pieces in between this and the UA Years, so can't really compare, I really like it (and love Haz Wheaton's bass playing on the last couple of tracks - The Tube particularly). A couple of the more pacey electro-rock (The Machine, Synchronized Blue) tracks just made me think, this guy's in his 70s and he's outdoing bands like Kasabian who still think they 'invented' that style*. It just feels like a great Hawkwind album - Warrior on The Edge of Time with more contemporary sounds. Brilliant.

*remember Serge Pizzaro stating a couple of years back that Kasabian were blending 60s acid rock with dance music and nobody he could think of had done that before - er, Hawkwind been doing it for decades mate!
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