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Zero Zero Zero - "Crypto Sensus"
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Zero Zero Zero - "Crypto Sensus"
Oct 02, 2013, 02:25
I've gone to some trouble to acquire this album and, after hassling the parent label, Musea, in my best franglais, for a digital download (the original CD release disappeared into a dark void years ago), they have given in and reissued as an mp3 download. Merci Beaucoup Musea.



I've been after a copy of this album for years on the presumption/aspiration that it would be well worth it. Never heard a note of it before yesterday.

Why the fuss? Well, Zero Zero Zero is a rare musical project of Franck Fromy and he was the main man in Shub Niggurath. Shub Niggurath were/are, perhaps, best described as sounding like Magma on a bad acid trip where fear and loathing threatens to overwhelm. Dark intense Zeuhl. The sole Zero Zero Zero release "Crypto Sensus" features two members of


Shub Niggurath plus a whizzo electronics guy. As it's so 'unsung' I figured that I'd attempt a review should anybody be interested in investigating further. It's certainly making waves in the den.

It's really hard to provide comparative music to Crypto Sensus. It's has the darkness about it that Shub Niggurath exuded, but this is not really music overtly influenced by Magma. This album is dark space psych RIO if that makes any sense at all; it has a lot more to do with the later works of Heldon than anything else. What we have on Crypto Sensus is a pounding bass reminiscent of Bernard Paganotti coupled with the most savage guitar work from Richard Pinhas (Interface/Stand By albums) and, indeed, Robert Fripp. Add to that the feel of Lard Free albums (notably III/Spirale Malax) with added doom and darkness. Maybe some Univers Zero/Present in there in terms of atmosphere.

This record comes recommended in the den. Track 2 "Irruption" is a monster.
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