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Zappa "a jack-off of all trades, and master of none"
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Mr Sals
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Re: Zappa "a jack-off of all trades, and master of none"
Aug 24, 2013, 17:17
The article is disingenuous in the fact that the perception put across is based on the (admittedly fascistic) fan point of view. I am an admirer and have tons of the stuff but any discerning Zappa fan understands the bullshit/interesting stuff ratio is biased against him once he disbanded the Mothers. I only listen to Mothers stuff now as i think it still has the anarchic feel to it in a historical setting but i wouldn't dismiss the rest. The article comes across as spiteful in a way, as though his friends like Zappa but he doesn't.

Yes, the humour is puerile, and the music is deliberately difficult and he was not a natural musician or composer, but he was interesting and worked fucking hard at what he did, always trying to learn. This is just a bit of a hatchet job with no insight it seems to me. Blatantly ignoring all the musicians he employed who still say he was an inspiration is a bit ignorant.

Anyway, thats my take on it.

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