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Bands who I'd like to reform...
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Edited Oct 18, 2015, 19:40
Re: Bands who I'd like to reform...
Oct 18, 2015, 19:36
Stevo wrote:
Is this reform as opposed to travel back to their heyday and catch them again then?
Or reform because they're all reprobates who are likely to be looking at health issues otherwise? So need to go forward with a cleaner lifestyle choice?

I was just thinking who was 'alive' (as far as I'm aware), and therefore possible in theory.

With a time-machine it'd definitely be the VU or 13th Floor Elevators for me. When I was on work experience from School in 1982 at the National Library in Edinburgh I met a really cool guy who'd actually seen the VU - and the Stooges - at their peak. I was well impressed! He was only in his mid-Thirties in 82 I think, and the distance in time was only like me looking back from now to seeing Liars or Sparklehorse or somebody in 2001/2, which doesn't seem that long to me, but 67-69 seemed like eons ago from 82. Such is the way of getting old/er I s'pose.

Also met a bloke more recently at work (doesn't take me long to start on about music), who used to get the bus or train to London in the '60's to spend weekends down there watching bands. He talked about seeing Pink Floyd with Syd, who grabbed the lapels of the guy next to him and screamed "I'VE GOT A BIKE, YOU CAN RIDE IT IF YOU LIKE!" straight into his face. Mindblowing!

These guys are always the best blokes and really surprised your so interested in these stories, but to me this stuff is HISTORIC and fascinating.
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