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Music Piracy Non-existant?
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Re: Music Piracy Non-existant?
Dec 19, 2002, 14:06
Dear Ms. Weiss,

I am writing to obtain some clarification on the press release of
Dec.11, and contained on the RIAA website at http://riaa.org/PR_Story.cfm?id=592.

Specifically I have a question about the number of CD-R burners. In the
Press Release it says "the equivalent of 421 CD-R burners" which is
really quite confusing. Exactly how many CD-R burners were "captured".
What is meant by "the equivalent of 421 CD-R burners"? If the actual
number of CD-R burners is different, how was the number of "equivalent
burners" arrived at?

I have been told that the actual number was somewhere in the area of 156

Secondly, how was it that the US Secret Service was involved in the
bust? Wouldn't this type of action be usually be conducted by the FBI or
US Marshals?

I intend to write a story for boycott-riaa.com
and would like to get your clarification, so that I can present the
story accurately.

Looking forward to your reply,
Bill Evans


Dear Mr. Evans:
Thank you for your inquiry. We stated that the raid was the equivalent
of 421 burners, as we need to put these operations in perspective based
on burning capacity and output, not the # of physical slots for the
discs. Since they burn 4x burners - it is roughly 4xs the numbers of

We work with the Secret Service but you should contact them as I am not
their spokesperson.

Thank, you

Amy Weiss
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