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What an appalling America I live in.
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Edited Aug 17, 2017, 00:27
Re: What an appalling America I live in.
Aug 17, 2017, 00:24
Thanks for posting these articles. Racism in America is indeed an issue worth discussing. Hopefully it can be discussed here - among self-professed "heads" - in a sensible manner, without devolving into insults.

There's a lot of racism in the US. I think a distinction should be made between the racism of the lower-class and relatively uneducated, and the racism perpetuated by the elites. Granted, both can (and do) kill, but the former targets individuals, whereas the latter castigate entire communities for destruction.

Personally, I am more willing to forgive the racism of lower class whites. Such views can be changed through education and improved economic conditions. The institutionalized racism perpetuated by elites, however, I am much more hesitant to forgive.

Racism has been an inherent part of America since its beginning. It is a nation founded upon genocide. The ugly rhetoric of "American exceptionalism" is still used to justify foreign conquests today. And we have one of the highest prison populations - primarily targeting people of color - in the world.

Nonetheless, I am skeptical if racism has dramatically increased under Trump. Granted, white nationalists did vote for Trump. But I think that such groups are a relative minority. I would (optimistically?) like to believe that the majority of Trump voters were lower-class Americans who realized that the elites were screwing them.

I fear that the current media campaign against the "alt-right" is simply a way to distract Americans from their true enemies. Now that "Trump's a Russian agent" has played itself out, the "Trump's a racist" narrative comes back into play. But the same bastards who promote "Trump's a Russian agent" and "Trump's a racist" are the ones who unleash illegal wars abroad, while conducting domestic terrorism at home (through increased surveillance, economic policies that devastate inner cities and suburbs, and a for-profit prison system). Our predominant enemy is not the local yahoo waving a Confederate flag, but the Wall Street tycoon who is destroying America.

Supporting my belief that the latest incidents are predominately a "wag the dog" media campaign against Trump is the curious Craigslist ad advertising "crowds on demand" for Charlotte:


$25 an hour for those willing to "protest"... Are tensions in America being artificially inflated? If so, for what purpose?


The bastards used this shit to implement "regime change" in Libya, Syria, and the Ukraine. I don't want to see it here.

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