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Delusion, hope or a lie?
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Delusion, hope or a lie?
Jul 16, 2017, 14:00
nigelswift wrote:
thesweetcheat wrote:
what actually are the benefits of leaving

Read the bus why don't you?


Don't believe everything you read which has been written on the side of a bus by a politician, an advertiser or a person with an agenda.

What are the benefits of trade? Does Britain actually have anything left to offer to the Europe and the World for trade? Will people in Britain still want stuff from other countries and be prepared to pay for it? Surely if we are unable to make stuff anyone wants anymore and everything is such a busted flush... then we should just nuke ourselves now and save the later pain, heartache and awful rejection.

Gove and the Tories love Free Trade, Cheap Labour and all of the benfits of EU Financial Deregulation. While some in Britain ponder the effect of Brexit on their weekly slab of Brie and Lily Allen tries to make us cry over some angry 35 year old male Eritrean ("child refugee") economic migrants camping out at Calais... Gove's Bullingdon City Boys have used EU Financial Gibberish to endlessly vade tax and slip their City-Wads into Cook Islands Financial Havens. The snouts-in-the-trough Tories are just looking for ways to ensure that they can continue trough-slurping in the legally-protected manner they have become accustomed to.
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