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Hijacking U-Know!
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Re: Hijacking U-Know!
May 25, 2002, 10:44
i agree with spirit and caroline.
i think that giving someone a poetry section is abit pointless, bm posts for reasons known only to him / her and giving him / her a forum of their own would be useless, they would still post on here because to be honest who would go on it, and by their postings on all 4 forums it seems 'they' want to be heard.
sometimes i read them, and sometimes i don't, i may choose to answer i may not. my choice. after afew run ins with jig at the beginning which left me feeling terrible and i left this forum for quite awhile (as i know afew others did, unfortunaltely they still haven't returned). i learnt my lesson from it and decided to stick around, i guess barius is here to stay and its up to us to ignore him / her or answer when we choose....at least we know we won't get an answer now, as he / she remains mysterious and aloof...the only time anger was felt was as moonie commented.
peace and no peotry sections please!

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