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I am so flipping angry
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Re: I am so flipping angry
Jan 02, 2002, 16:19
It's bad enough when ones name gets used and it is actually someone else, but for your name to picked off an old article ... that's disgusting. I hope you are asking them for a retraction.

A somewhat unrelated story I'm reminded of ...

I once had a friend who was walking from a party in Leicester to a friends house, I shall call him XX. He was stopped by police and asked his name .. XX told them and they asked his address YY Street, Coventry he replied. Next thing they all pile out of the car and drag him back to the station. "Empty your pockets" .... "What's this" ... "Erm ... amphetamine sulphate." .. BUSTED!

They then released him 4 hours later with an appology saying that they were looking for a different bloke called XX that lived in YY Street, Leicester ..... not Coventry. They still did him for the speed though!

Just goes to show ... names and some details can be a coincidence .... some of the time.

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