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9-11 self inflicted?
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Edited Jul 30, 2006, 14:15
Re: 9-11 self inflicted?
Jul 30, 2006, 14:08
Almost 50% of NewYorkers believe that the government either colluded in this or had prior knowledge.
I certainly think that there are elements of the US government capable of it, if not Bush himself, Pearle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Fleischer, Cheney and the rest of the 'crazies' (Colin Powell's phrase for the neocons.)
The unbelievability of such a plot is a very strong asset. Don't tell me these 'public servants' give a toss about the lives of mere serfs like you & me.

It makes me wonder why they were so keen to steal the election in 2000 (Something else they blatantly did in full view of the public) maybe they had a timetable to keep to?

'What a great thing for leaders that men do not think'
Adolf Hitler
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