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The befores we get there
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Re: The befores we get there
Aug 31, 2017, 15:10
So many to choose from so I'll do what people often do when faced with this sort of 'best of' question and plump for one of the most recent being the walk to Bryn Cader Fader in Gwynedd which I did on a beautifully sunny March day this year. As ever, and in common with most of us, I guess, I got lost in going straight on at a junction rather than locating the correct path branching off to the left but the 'wrong' one didn't take me too far out of my way, bringing me down to a pool from which I was able to reorient myself and cut across to connect with the right track and onwards to the circle which then became visible perfectly silhouetted against the horizon on its slightly raised platform. It's a couple of miles, tops, each way, a bit up and down but nothing seriously arduous, a bit boggy here and there but nothing that good waterproof boots can't manage. It's just brilliant countryside and scenery, Snowdonia in the distance. I'm a sucker for the moorland-type sites, the ones that require a bit of effort but reward you amply in terms of the solitude and wide-open landscape. White Moss in Cumbria also springs to mind but that involves a steep climb, ditto The Druid's Circle in North Wales.

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