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A loss of a friend to many...
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Re: A loss of a friend to many...
Dec 31, 2017, 17:28
moss wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
It is with great personal sadness that I have to report the passing of a great friend - Bart O'Farrell, a dowser from the Lizard area down here in Cornwall.
Founder of the West Country Dowsers he was a lovely guy that I spent many an enjoyable and interesting hour with. R.I.P. Bart. Thanks for the times you spent educating me into the ways of the dowser and introducing me to the many interesting sites down your neck of the woods. Farewell old friend.

He looked a lovely character Roy, I watched him on the video in front of Wayland Smithys barrow, being 'rejected' by the force of energy that spun him around. WS has always been a place of peace and serenity for me, so I question the energy of the stones. But I love people who do there own thing as he does. The dowsing world will be one less with his going. So farewell Wizard of the Lizard, may his ghost haunt the stones to the end of time ;)

He was a character alright moss that's for sure. He held no malice against the disbelievers and took everything in his stride. Re the rejection by the WS stone - I have a vid I took somewhere that I'm trying to find showing the same thing when he invited me down to the Lizard with the lady who ran a far west Cornish tour business down here that I rode shotgun for (archaeological guide). We were being shown the various ancient sites when he took us to a solitary standing stone in a field. Nearby was a tree that he walked over to and leant against exactly like at WS and told us both to do the same thing, but against the stone. He didn't explain why.
Being a gent I let the lady go first and after just a few seconds she spun around 90 degrees plus and fell over her own feet! It frightened the life out of her and I thought she was doing it on purpose - she wasn't and didn't have a reason to! She had never met Bart before, and had been told nothing.
It was my turn next so I stepped back from the stone about a metre and with my arms stretched out to the front, rested my hands on the stone. Nothing - not a thing happened!

Make of that what you will but it happened and the lady would not do it again as it frightened her so much.
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