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Fishing anyone?
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Re: Fishing anyone?
May 03, 2017, 02:40
I've never heard of any ban on Polarized sunglasses at the tournaments they hold around these parts...
I'm not too much for tournament participation either,they generally are a big cluster phuck of too many boats on the water for me to enjoy.
Scalloping also sees the waters around here mobbed on the weekend with all manner of folks in the water snorkeling and grabbing up every scallop for many a mile.
I do like my old ray-bay aviators with polarized lens though....and my old bausch and lomb sunglasses too.. still got both pairs that i bought over 30 years ago. They are essential for cutting the glare of the waters surface.
And hopefully preventing cataracts too. Be sure to get a lanyard around your neck on those glasses....they sink real quick !
Happy fishing too....

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