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Ahem! The Lords Of Lightning!!!!
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Edited Feb 02, 2017, 02:30
Ahem! The Lords Of Lightning!!!!
Feb 02, 2017, 02:02
Recently, while out stoning in a small copse, I met a man. Like you do. He very kindly showed me things that had he'd tripped over. I was able to tell him with some degree of bugeyed certainty what I thought these were. I found out after on t'internet what this place was, according to officialdom. It is a large enclosure. I have subsequently had cause to unexpectedly communicate directly with officialdom. This place was mentioned by chance. Yes, it is a large enclosure. They must be right. I am, therefore, wrong. I believe this Nice Man may well drop in for a view here and read this. I realise that I adamantly told you, Nice Man, that you could then go home and tell your fragrant wife that, from me, you are not mad, after all, as she has thought, to have kept looking at the odd stone here and there for years, and that she was wrong and that you, just for once in the course of your married life, were right. But I was wrong to say what I did. I know nothing. It is a large enclosure. This is what you can say to anybody else. This downplayed news may, as a result, lead said missus to conclude, when relayed, that you are not Howard Carter after all, a lesser being, and, down a touch from the exalted pinnacle of rectitude, not totally but half mad. But, let's face it, from the look of you, it was only a matter of time before the slide back down the slippery slope commenced.....anyhooo, at length - sorry dude, looked for you at place of outdoor employment, can't access your work email as 'mail-daemon' keeps throwing messages back, like a typical daemon: all twats, including 'him' and his cheesesniffing mate - to the real subject of this 'no paras on phone' pseudoKerouaciana. Recap to first sentence. Nice Man and I had a little rangefind chat, found we had parallels on the city's music scene, knew the same fellows..and, it seems, news to me, someone else may drop in for a look at parts of this site of interest to him ey upphill ouises agrea ttunep ity abouton eortwoo ftheo thersr uns, bu tonlyo neortwotip toesback. You never know who reads this mighty organ..but, I now cut to the crux(!!!) He and I had seen the same feature in Fortean Times twenty years or so ago...it had merely made me a lifelong fervent devotee, despite films and cars, of the feature's subject. He, and his chums, had taken this further, and gone out across the world to preach in visual form the works of the subject of that feature, the Blessed Nikola Tesla. I worship from afar. He and his lot do far more in this most worthiest of causes. I applaud them for making a living from it. People may find out and see the result here, the company's website: http://www.lordsoflightning.co.uk or on Youtube. Me: I think it is wonderful. End of. Well done and there you go, Circus John, for I now know from a fellow we both know that is your name... I said I'd give you a totally deserved plug. You never know - and I hope it does - more work may follow from someone reading. It may even cover the cost of that cuppa for me when I catch up with you soon. Mid brown, no sugar.
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