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Farewell to Rick...RIP
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Edited Dec 24, 2016, 21:40
Re: Farewell to Rick...RIP
Dec 24, 2016, 21:34
Sanctuary wrote:
spencer wrote:
Is there no end to you posting RIPs for musical bods on Pump not Unsung? Stick around even though your jokes are crap (yes, know I'm guilty too).

As you've mentioned crap and jokes....

Bloke went to the doctor and said he was having trouble with his bowels. What's wrong with them asked the doctor? The bloke replied that he went regularly every morning at 6am. So what's wrong with that asked the doc? Bloke replied...I don't get up until 7am :-)

Eeh, the old ones are the best ones.
Woody Allen..
Patient: I'm here about my brother
Psychiatrist: why what's the matter with your brother?
Patient: He thinks he's a chicken
Psychiatrist: Well, you must go home immediately & convince him he's not a chicken
Patient: I would do but..I need the eggs.

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