Iggy Pop/James Williamson—
I Got A Right/Gimme Some Skin

Released 1977 on Siamese
The Seth Man, September 2000ce
Between the 1977 copyright listed on the label and the vague “Iggy Pop/James Williamson” credit, one would automatically assume this to be a more energetic outtake from “Kill City” or something, were it not for its ever-explosive qualities. This fiercely berserk 45 was recorded in London in the early summer of 1972 prior to “Raw Power,” and from these same sessions yielded “Tight Pants” and “I’m Sick Of You.” So the lineup behind Iggy here is James Williamson on guitar, Ron Asheton on bass and Scott Asheton on drums. And when you realise that “I Got A Right” had been in The Stooges’ live set since 1971, you know it’s gotta be one headlong, pile driving monster.

And WHAT a monster: It starts up with a two-guitar rave up, doubled-up bass runnings and smashing cymbals into a crescendo that usually ENDS a song. But no: Here, The Stooges stick it on front so they are free to run reckless for the duration of the track well past the fade. It then breaks ranks into a fuzz-distortion’d riff as Iggy barges in with an “Eeeoooouuu!!!” that signals all energies to escalate. “I got a roight/A roight to move!” Iggy’s vocals hollers, “Anytahm I wahnt!” while Ron’s loping and mighty bass lines climb over the whole assault as it all whips into a frothing, energetic storm. Williamson’s high speed grinding guitar careens into a gear-stripping solo, made even more in your face through the high EQ’ed mono-ness of the single into pumped up-ness of the most unbelievable kind.

The “B” side, “Gimme Some Skin” is no mere “gimme five, jack” jive. In fact, it’s an ultimate blurtin’ atomic ejaculation of horniness, reiterated fuck rhythms spurting throughout with blinding speed. Williamson tears it up against Ron’s class bass and Rock Action’s insistent egg beater hi-hatting like Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Pumped Up” setting the stage for the opening lyrics, which are sung with barely a pause for breath between verses:


“Go fuck her!!” bursts out Iggy and the band steam on locked into their energetic, groove/bash out with nary an overdubbed guitar solo. It’s such a relentless pump out, it doesn’t need one, but it does give Iggy a chance to flex in front of the microphone. And when he jumps back into the fray, he’s now screaming the lyrics, resulting in the ending: “Gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme GIMMAH!” only punctuated by “Shit!!” and “Aooowwww!” Oh, the voltage of it all.