Cosmic Rock Show
Psiship/Rising Sun

Released 1967 on Blitz
Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 02/12/2001ce

Hailing from Duluth, Minnesota The Cosmic Rock Show issued this lone 45 then got the hell out of the way and have since become legends.

"Psiship" is the feature track of this 45 and it's a stone classic! Try to imagine if you can a marriage of The Mothers Of Invention, The Red Krayola and ? Mark And The Mysterians with just a hint of early Doors.

The song begins with a freak-out organ and loose percussion, the singer come in with "ride to the moon on a psychedelic spaceship, got a feeling it's gonna be another bum trip" then the track gets all free form and weird, then singer then comes back with something like "flip out, do your thing." Then the whole piece breaks down in some sub-Cecil Taylor piano weirdness.

The flip "Rising Sun" is a hilarious version of the Animals take of "House Of The Rising Sun" (complete with new and improvised lyrics.) Dig this "there is a house on Clinton Street, they call the rising sun, it's been the ruin of many a fraternity boy", BRILLIANT!!!

The song then surges into a freakout Mothers inspired dose of psychedelic nonsense. At the end there is another blast of piano weirdness, then someone yells out "freak out in Minneapolis! This record is a punk classic and a must for all the citizen freaks of the world.

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