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Alison's Halo
Eyedazzler 1992 - 1996

Released 1998 on Burnt Hair
Reviewed by Le Samourai, 19/07/2000ce

Alison’s Halo were a 1990’s US rock group that approached the
“garage rock” style and ethics (as in, actually record in a
garage with a 2, 4 or 8 track recorder and release your music
either on a very small indepently owned label or by yourself)
from a different angle. I say “were” because the group broke up
in 1996 (sadly, although the lead guitarist/songwriter and lead
singer are now in a band called Free Kitten.) This posthumous
work collects everything they’ve ever released (including 2
previously unreleased “live in concert” songs) and presents a
fascinating case.

I also say from “a different angle” because most “garage rock”
groups don’t usually get these descriptions for their work:
“atmospheric”, “ethereal”, “ambient” and of course the
ever-popular “otherworldly.” Yet Alison’s Halo earns those titles
and wears ‘em like a badge o’ honor. And they never sound wimpy
because of it. Here’s a group that can sound like Nico’s
beautiful daughter and her good friend walking through the fog
both wearing flamethrowers watching sounds fall from the ether
and then burning them to a crisp (“Chime”) one moment then sound
like a lake slowly freezing over or water turning into icicles
right before your eyes (“Always April”) the next. It’s that
perverse and that gorgeous at the same time. And the CD stays
high on that kind of frozen beauty intoxication from start to

How can sophisticated seduction like that on a “garage rock” kind
of budget (low) be possible? I don’t know but Catherine (lead
vocals, guitars), Adam (lead guitars, loops, backing vocals),
David (bass) and Roger (drums) (that’s right no last names here)
made it happen from 1992 to 1996. And while I wish Adam &
Catherine the best of luck with Free Kitten, you should all take
the time to remember their first incredible steps into the Rock arena.

So if you want their stunning kind of magic in your life (if you
thought the 2 songs I mentioned before sound enchanting wait till
you hear other tracks like “Leech” and “Sunshy”!) then please
contact Burnt Hair Records a.s.a.p.:

Burnt Hair Records
P.O. Box 5519
Dearborn, MI
USA 48128

E-mail: Burntlarry@hotmail.com

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