Julian Cope—
Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day

Head Heritage / 2003ce
CD (HH14)
  1. The Shrine of the Black Youth
  2. Zennor Quoit
  3. The-Way-Luv-Is
  4. King Minos
  5. Dance By The Light of the Bridges You Burn
  6. Michelle of my Former Self
  7. Far Out
  8. Eccentrifugal Force

Limited Edition Free CD2 (HH14-2)
  1. Sunburned Hand of the Man - Jaybird
  2. Vibracathedral Orchestra - Baptism Bar Blues
  3. Sunn 0))) - (Excerpt from) My Wall
  4. Les Rallizes Denudes - Enter The Mirror
  5. The Sons of TC Lethbridge - Through A Pilot's Eyes
  6. Holy McGrail - (Excerpt from) 'Quake Appeal
Cope's brand new album celebrates his forthcoming three-day festival of the same name with eight new songs, including three live favourites "The-Way-Luv-Is", "Zennor Quoit" and his eight-minute long Armenian epic "Shrine of the Black Youth (Tukh Manukh)". Featuring Donald Ross Skinner, Doggen and Holy McGrail, this celebration of Cope’s songwriting is the first in years.

Limited supplies are also available with a free promo CD featuring five of the artists to be showcased at ROME... including Sunburned Hand of the Man’s 17-minute epic 'Jaybird', and "My Wall"; Cope's collaboration with Sunn0)))