Julian Cope—
Floored Genius 4

Brain Donor Records / 2009ce
  1. I Ain't Saying
  2. When All You Got is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail
  3. Pre-Hysterical Blues
  4. Sub-Mission
  5. A Sassenach Tune
  6. The Shrines Are Ablaze
  7. The Glam Dicenn
  8. Mad Clothes
  9. I've Got My TV & My Pills
  10. We Gotta Get Out of this Place
  11. Mr. Self Respect
  12. I Got With God
  13. Sleeping Gas '90
  14. I Gotta Walk
  15. Due to Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled
  16. Sucker Strut
  17. Somebody Spiked My LSD
Containing 17 tracks culled from over a quarter century of rare TV appearances, foreign radio sessions, festival songs and lost studio rarities, FLOORED GENIUS 4 is the latest installment in this hugely successful series of Julian Cope compilations. Even better, while this 70-minute-long collection brims over with melody, keen lyrical insights and raucous rock’n’roll, almost all of the material is previously unknown, and only two of the songs have ever before enjoyed a proper release. On FLOORED GENIUS 4, therefore, Cope fans receive almost an hour’s worth of previously unknown material, experiments and re-workings. All-in-all, this is another fascinating insight into the mind of the Archdrude.