Julian Cope—
Floored Genius 2

Nighttracks / 1993
CD & LP (NT003) The Greatness & Perfection Of Love
  1. Head Hang Low
  2. Hey High Class Butcher
  3. Sunspots
  4. Me Singing
  5. Hobby
  6. 24a Velocity Crescent
  7. Laughing Boy
  8. O King Of Chaos
  9. Reynard The Fox
  10. Pulsar
  11. Crazy Farm Animal
  12. Christmas Mourning
  13. Planet Rider: Transmitting
  14. Soul Medley:
    1. Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
    2. Everything Playing At Once
    3. Are You Hung Up?
    4. Hung Up And Hanging Out To Dry
  15. You Think It's Love
  16. Double Vegetation
This CD got to No. 2 in the alternative charts on first release, featuring the best of Julian's BBC sessions from 1983-1991CE. As Mick Houghton says in the liner notes, this selection mainly represents Julian's "Tamworth Years" (see Repossessed!) - and evolves slowly and assuredly towards Peggy. 17 glorious tracks, chosen by Julian from seven solo sessions.