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Your very loudest concert ?
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Kid Calamity
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Edited Aug 19, 2014, 15:49
Re: Tinnitus
Aug 19, 2014, 15:45
I'm a drummer - and from 1976 was playing in small rehearsal spaces battling with guitar heroes.

Even during my twelve years off, I was going to gigs and thumping clubs - so I've never given my ears much of a rest. The tinnitus, therefore, was already developing a long time ago. I've not experienced total silence for a very long time, now.

Recent bands have been generally more careful. I was always getting moaned at in Neotopia, despite trying to play soft for their softy sensibilities. However, in an early line-up of my current beat combo, one guy really fucked my hearing a couple of years ago. I was kneeling down, packing my cymbals away, when he chose to give his guitar synth a closing blast. It was set on some scarily strobophonic siren sound - and going through a huge rig. It took several days for my hearing to return and I suspect it was him who gave me this ongoing hiss. Git.

Playing festivals and gigs means, big PAs and monitors pointing at my head. I also tend to hit the drums and cymbals a lot harder, too.
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