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Great track, rubbish band
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: Great track, rubbish band
Aug 06, 2005, 17:58
"One of These Nights" by The Eagles. Generally when a rock group went disco in the late 70's that was the ultimate sign of sellout, but in this case it was actually an improvement.

"Can't Get Enuff o' yer Luvv" by Bad Company, though they're generally dull as dishwater.

"Looks That Kill" by Motley Crue. Most of their records just sound like a cocaine binge to me, but this one perfectly hits the sharp edge between satanic umlaut metal and Hollywood glamstrut.

"September" and "Let's Groove Tonight" by Earth Wind & Fire. I tend to agree with George Clinton's characterizaton that this group was usually "Earth, Hot Air and No Fire" (too many ballads and lame jazz-soul.)

Bowie - "Ziggy Stardust", the whole album is classic. But I could likve the rest of my life without hearing any of his other records again. (And I give Mick Ronson most of the credit for this one too!)

. . . and "We are the Cheeky Girls" is a total classic!
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