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Ignore the hype - The Darkness SUCK.
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Re: Ignore the hype - The Darkness SUCK.
Feb 23, 2004, 02:15
Yep. we all know this. We know this because we're grumpy old fucks who remember the cultural crimes of the past. Who was it who said a cynic is a passionate person who doesn't want to get let down again. Fuck knows. but this is the altart of the cynic here. I know I'm one. BUT this is the facts of life.
I have 2 kids, both boys, oldest is 12. One of them likes Busted, the other 'doesnt mind' the Darkness. But they also like the Dead Kennedys, Mudhoney, Fugazi & The Beastie boys. *shrug* obviously the finer points of the music politic escape them, and I hope to god they manage to stay that way as well.

Our culture is no aesthetic for social change, it's questionable that it ever was, so none of it matters really. The post modern wanker stalks our zeitgeist like a cheap pimp looking for easy cash. I think the best thing to do these days is grab a mic and go WURRAGADHSH!!!!! until everyone runs away and prints a T-shirt with WURRAGADHSH!!! on it.

I mean, its got to better than dribbling from the corner of your mouth about the power of 'shamanic rock'. That sort of talk just gets the post modern wanker all excited.
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