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VOTE HERE part 2 - Top 500 albums poll
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Jan 02, 2004, 21:20
Hey guys --

First of all, I really shouldn't give any hints as to the results -- but I will tell you Forever Changes is not going to be #2 on the final list (though it probably will be in the top 5.)

((just teasing & whetting your appetites here, heh heh!))

As for the list as it currently stands -- there are 224 albums that have received multiple votes. These are fairly well discriminated (meaning easy to rank vs. each other) so I am leaning towards making it a "Top 224 List."

Then there are another 659 albums that have only received one vote apiece. Since there isn't much to discriminate them, there are a lot of "ties" and it doesn't make much sense to me to present these as a ranked list (with a 194-way tie at #440, what's the point?)

I'll have to talk to the drood who's going to post and host the list and see what he might be willing to do about including these additional albums. I'm thinking it would be nice to include everybody's original lists of 25, though that might be more work than he's willing to do (56 lists = 56 more web pages???!)

Keep making suggestions, and we'll hash it out somehow. It's a work in progress!

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