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Re: Let's have a heated debate...
Dec 13, 2002, 11:07
I had just got back from the pub and at the time it seemed as if it was implied that my arguement condoned such things as animal, kiddie porn etc.

Now the types of porn you mentioned are all highly illegal, not just in terms of publication, but mainly by the fact that there has been serious laws broken in the production of such pornography. So they outside the realms of censoring something which is legal, as consenting adult sex is legal.

Animal, Kiddie, unconsenting porn is rightfully illegal as it involves serious violation of people and of the law.

Page 3 involves a woman getting her tits out and being photographed - Nothing illegal in that. It's just the crappy tabloids which print them being the problem as are their readers.

Having said that I am not into Porn at all and I do know people who are into porn who would be quite happy to come out with moralistic arguements (and say how bad things are) as they see themselves as being family men.
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