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Fuck my Priti Extrasolar Tits
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Edited Nov 16, 2019, 21:15
Re: Fuck my Priti Extrasolar Tits
Nov 16, 2019, 18:48
Like some exquisitely engineered homeostasis or something.

I've been going knucking futs thinking about how easy it must be to manipulate the data that's received through the act of internet browsing.

Say for example (and this is all totally self-absorbed so apologies):

You're conflicted about how much you want to tell somebody from the past how much you love them / leave it alone it's not worth it, so you chat them up on Facebook with something irrationally "far out" like:

"Hey, is there some way of hacking Facebook so that we can be having this conversation in 2007?"

and she's like: "ugh? I don't get it"

Then Facebook goes down over the country or further so you look at Downdetector and the report peaks at exactly 7777 reports and your brain goes "ah. 7+7+7+7 = 28, that's the mythical MoonWapner 3121 number - IT'S A SIGN!"


Oh me giddy werd! etc (i never listened to In Rainbows, all I knew was it was on the internet for Pay As You Like)

OR, yesterday on the Guardian UK Politics Live Feed where I just clicked in and it was on comment 7,666 which read words to the effect of "everybody stick a tenner on Corbyn" - but you're not sure if the number changed because you can't tell if it was just Javascript lag or the transition from your peripheral to paracentral vision misreporting what you saw.

Like in the Finland Euro qualifier win article where "luck" says "duck" - I have seen The Day Shall Come, y'know!

"You mean it's not me noggin' it's me peepers?"



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