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What is Boris?
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Edited Jul 19, 2019, 23:56
What is Boris?
Jul 19, 2019, 23:03
To answer this question there are only two variables:


and why do we need branching logic in programming languages, in my day we'd just poke the destination address into just after J.R.Hartley

None of this semantic bollocks.


What is the point of a calculation that can exist in every state at once? It can only result in stupidity or the Holy Because I Say So.

Did Ada Lovelace invent an automated counting machine because she really loved lace but wanted it to be done automatically?

"Hi, I'm Ada Lovelace and I have just woven this giant mockup of a £50 note with Alan Turing on it, I was thinking the cat could sit on it instead of clawing my face off."


((hullo Jesus here again, it's for predicting the weather - there is no other calculation other than the weather, it's why you invented me))

So what is Boris, Jesus? What is Boris?

((he's a CIA plant because he's from New York))


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