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B-52's at Fairford
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Edited Apr 14, 2019, 17:36
Re: B-52's at Fairford
Apr 13, 2019, 10:01
..it’s crazy. “Here you go, we can find your loved one but here’s a bag of soil” How insulting?
Have they asked the land owner? “Oi! Give us me land back!”

It would have been interesting to study the images from the crash site of the other 737 max 8 but of course that was on water. It’s not there to study.

I remain sceptical, but don’t know exactly how or why these would be faked. Dumping a load of wreckage in a field close to the only road in the area would be the easy bit.
I suppose if 19 passengers worked for the UN and others held similar establishment ‘research’ positions then you’re well on your way to having a passenger list that might be open to a little erm..bribe etc.?

The area looks to be populated but sparsely. Usually, but not always, the first video out by the media is a distant shot of the massive plume of thick black smoke rising from the crash site taken on someone’s phone.

“All there is is a smoking crater” was a comment from one US reporter on the day. There was no smoke in any of the footage I’ve seen? So no fire?

I might appear a bit ‘rude’ or ‘insensitive’ sometimes with my comments ie when someone’s taken the time to write about something they feel is important, like Julian Assange or Extinction Rebellion and then I come along and ‘trash it’ It’s not my intention. I’m just bringing to attention another ‘layer’ of a matter I see as perhaps pivotal.

I’m thinking about offering a reward for anyone that can find any photographic evidence of burning.

(disclaimer..might only be ten bob and a conker)
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