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Sums up my experience here a couple of years ago...
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Edited Jul 28, 2018, 00:07
Re: Sums up my experience here a couple of years ago...
Jul 27, 2018, 23:48
There comes a time when you need to divorce yourself from the Internet as its only purpose is to share sub atomic research with other members of the that office thing they have at CERN where they record all the data and report it to their people that are funding it.

And you can see where the hate lies because even though the Hawkwind guitarist that resembles a bloke that worked for that software company that provides the communication infrastructure for all those fixed odds street level money laundering devices they have now that's no reason to pump out spurious creative writing endeavours for monkey monkey thing wad trying to create English text version of grand unified theory and failing maybe if I pretend i'm one of the masters of the Universe like Wil Ferrel I will have achieved some form of literary greatness.

I remember being pissed on wine outside a corner shop once and saying we should exterminate all gays, and the young lad I was saying this to said:
"you can't say stuff like that"
and I was like "yeah I know I'm only saying it because I'm drunk" so I got over that bit but apparently you have to serve in the Army before you're granted a pub license and a seemingly infinite access to steroids and gym equipment

I don't know why i'm typing this but it's probably because Switzerland operates on Nazi Gold and information is all so much negative particle charge

plus I'm bored and attempting to assuage any guilt I might have had for being coarse on social media and not having fostered twelve children like my Finnish grandparents.


(lol: self reflection to be misinterpreted as bullying or something I don't know my wife never cooks la la la it's a joke mate, it's a joke)

Bum Rush the 1989, isn't it Kanye?

Anyway, we don't have bullying here anymore. Only static.

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