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Reference to ley line 150 years before Watkins?
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Edited Jun 30, 2021, 16:28
Re: Reference to ley line 150 years before Watkins?
Jun 30, 2021, 16:23
Thanks for the reply. I have only just come across it today, incidentally on the 100 year anniversary of Alfred Watkins’ ley lines revelation.

I came across your paper on Sols Rocks some years ago. It’s an absolutely fascinating and well-researched piece of work, and I’m glad to be able to finally tell you so.

Fair point about the ‘augural line’, although I’d also be interested on your take on the curious sentence in Choir Gaure where Wood – in reference to Stonehenge – describes a line which “bears six Degrees West of the Meridian, and directs to the Spire of Salisbury Church…”

As to your surprise as to why no ley line hunters have suggested that there could be a ley line through Sols Rocks, well I for one have considered this! I don’t use copper rods or crystals though. I use Google Earth. I have spent quite some time trying to corroborate your proposed location by trying to establish if it is aligned with any other ancient sites, and it is precisely because I can’t find any alignments that I am skeptical as to that being the location!

If indeed the site had the magnitude Wood suggests (a 30 foot stone!), and if one thinks there is something in the whole ley line theory of alignments, the Sols Rocks site should almost certainly be aligned with something.

I concede that the whole business with the circus/ley lines may of course be coincidence, but a happy one at that, and one which John Wood would probably appreciate.

Glad to make your acquaintance.

P.S. I heard somewhere you were working on a follow up article on the location of Wood’s Moon temple. Did that manifest yet?

Best wishes,


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