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The Devil's Plantation
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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The Devil's Plantation
Dec 13, 2010, 12:43
After few recent topics on ley lines, lines of sight etc. I thought the latest film project by glasgow filmmaker May Miles Thomas might be of interest to some on here. The project has just won a 2010 BAFTA (interactive section).
It is partly an exploration of Harry Bell's pamphlet on Glasgow's geometry "Glasgow's Secret Geometry: The City's Oldest Mystery" (1984) which looks at connections between many ancient sites in and around Glasgow. But there is more... The filmmaker May Miles Thomas also draws in the story of a patient at Leverndale mental hospital who regularly absconded and would often be found at these sites. The patient never knew Harry Bell or of his pamphlet. She was in Leverndale mental hospital from the 1950's until the early 1990's.
Psychogeography, mystery, ancient sites. The Devil's Plantation is a strange place to visit. navigation around the site is pretty straightforward and you can start where you left off each time you visit. 66 film clips and little panels of text draw you through the project. Just the thing for these cold winter nights! Get a big cup of cocoa, a pile of chocolate hob nobs and go visit The Devil's Plantation.


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