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More on The Matrix 4
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Edited Dec 30, 2021, 01:55
Re: More on The Matrix 4
Dec 30, 2021, 01:42
Kid Calamity wrote:
Please tell us there’s gonna be a happy ending, for this.

And, if not, maybe a last minute cliffhanger that will raise hopes and dreams that there just might be a sequel (to this sequel to sequels).

Whelp, having read that Lana Wachowski threw herself into this project as a means of coping with the loss of both her parents, to have me go to a COVID vaccination centre in the same mall as the cinema and see it whilst coming up on a Moderna Spikevax and glass of house red from a local pizzeria where I ate a Modena pizza by way of conceptual continuity exactly two weeks after my own mother's funeral...

It will always be a good film.

"I have to go, my son has shoved a Lego up his nose"

We found a single blue 3x1 and single blue 2x1 lego amongst mum's trinkets in the house the other week. I will have to reconfirm this next year but in the meantime it's just another Prince 3121* reference.

GET IN !!!


* probably 6121 actually now I think about it. Whatever. It's more the needlecraft from primary school stored in the wool collection that makes you lose it. I could have been a sturgeon!

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