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Introducing the new romantic poetry range
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Edited Aug 15, 2019, 16:30
Re: Introducing the new romantic poetry range
Aug 12, 2019, 17:02
Sometimes I stare out from the edge of self indulgence
Gazing upon my Poet Laureate 2066 status
My love of Roy Orbison's unfelt thirty-seven foot penis
wafting radially upon the reader's cheek.

Crickey! He were bloddy lovely
yet YOU yes YOU just strode through
"This is rubbish, stop playing your ridiculous penis song"

As ever time and love and YOU
but the greatest of these is a really rubbish joke about not possessing the gift of sight.
Or at worst having coincidence feed back on you like some Master of The Universe Horseshit,

Which would be kinda interesting if we got it together in 2003-08,

Hey lemme tell ya, right - The BBC used to have Def II after 10 years of a Tory Government,

when will we be Deaf Bee Free!?


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