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NEW Emil Amos podcast (OM, GRAILS, HOLY SONS)
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NEW Emil Amos podcast (OM, GRAILS, HOLY SONS)
Dec 08, 2017, 11:52
NEW Emil Amos podcast (OM, GRAILS, HOLY SONS) features:

'The Terrorists' digs down into the music that shapes our minds when we first become indoctrinated in the language of the punk spirit.

Another version of the loner/outsider, The TERRORIST anticipates their marginalization and amps up the aggression for a preemptive attack. Twisting the knife back into the gatekeepers and mutating the artistic frontier before others can theorize on what's coming next...

This cast features special spots on ::

* Captain Beefheart

* Sun City Girls

* The messy birth of Sebadoh

* Truman's Water

* The Mothers of Invention

* Gong & Tomorrow's Gift...

Listen @ https://art19.com/shows/emil-amos-drifters-sympathy-fb/episodes/a1c46059-4026-4137-9ede-a1d16745513c

Buy a copy of HOLY SONS "Lost Decade 2" LP on CLEAR vinyl @ https://www.ebay.com/itm/HOLY-SONS-Lost-Decade-2-LP-grails-om-mountain-goats-sebadoh-duncan-trussell-rare/292360220670?hash=item441206effe:g:nHEAAOSwgQ9VjvO0
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