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The Golden Bat by Tokyo Kid Brothers
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The Golden Bat by Tokyo Kid Brothers
Nov 06, 2017, 20:03
Has anyone listened to this album? I've listened to their other pre-1975 albums released around then, and they are excellent. I love their unique sound of eccentric psychedelia during the golden age of the Japanese Underground. I could never find an affordable copy of this album, even when there is a 1971 vinyl, a 1979 vinyl re-issue and a 1997 CD re-issue.

EDIT: I have obtained The Golden Bat, so I can invite you to SoItGo.es if you share any of the following ltd bonus discs from J.A. Seazer CDs: Tenjo Sajiki Music Work Collection Vol 2 / 3 / 4 / Throw Away Your Books (instrumental version) / Recital from the Wilderness / Barbara Dwarven Star Apocalypse / Lemmings.

I'm not interested in the 1977 Golden Bat (the version where the second song is 'Hi-Hi-Hi'). It's a decent album however I've listened to it and own a copy. This and the original have entirely different track-lists.
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