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Soundtracks Of Our Lives w/e 10 January 2010 CE
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Re: Soundtracks Of Our Lives w/e 10 January 2010 CE
Jan 10, 2010, 19:40
machineryelf wrote:
Uriah Heep remasters and Deep Purple Machinehead remaster- this is the way to do it, the extra tracks on the Heep cds are worth the price alone, and the Machineead remaster is great, I'll be getting the others well Fireball & In Rock anyway, most impressed

Celtic Frost-pretty much everything, all classic even the hairmetal phase

Birthday Party-Prayers On Fire,Junkyard,Live & the mute Eps
Virgin Prunes - If I Die I Die,The Moon Looked Down & Laughed
PIL-Plastic Box these three bands pretty much changedthe way I looked at music, punk pretty much passed me by til I heard these i was still listening to Maiden & Def Leppard or the VU, definately broadened my horizons
Plastic Box now comes in an ordinary double cd case, pretty sure the original came in some fancy but plastic box, still genius across all 4 cds, discs 3 & 4 are still outstanding IMHO. I also thought that the Timezone single was on there, but it isn't

Leyland Kirby-Sadly The Future Is no Longer What It Is sprawling 3cd set of ambient drone and tinkly piano, just when you think you've heard enough of this type of stuff someone like Leyland Kirby reinvents it, all i need now is a spare 3 & 1/2 hours to listen to it in one go

Durutti Column 2001-9 picked this up because it was dirt cheap, and initially thought it was all a bit middle england dinner party music, but repeated listening has it growing on me, not really going to appeal to deathmetal fans though

Up-OST lovely

also this week

Elvis costello - Girls Girls Girls
Ashra Temple s/t
Groundhogs -Who Will save The world
Cult-Pure Cult
Violent Femmes - s/t
Kinks-Village green
& Dogntank-mainly cos someone was raving about it again, still no more than OK imho, remember Nutz, Quartz and a lot of other bands that had something but were never destined for greatness, add Dogntank to that list
Need a decent vocalist if nothing else
Pere Ubu- Datapanik box set definite downturn after disc 1 , i think maybe because the first disc is really good, still it was cheap, can imagine in a few years disc 3 will still be immaculate whilst disc 1 will be looking well used

Quality stuff here ME. Obviously I applaud the conversion from your first thoughts on the Durutti box (which is a real bargain), you may be right about the appeal to our metal-lovin' friends though. Not seeing a Durutti sludge-metal album appearing any time soon.

Agree completely about the Ubu-quality-tail-off too.
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