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Is Nico the John Barnes of Rock?
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keith a
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Re: Is Nico the John Barnes of Rock?
May 22, 2008, 20:27
naughtynige wrote:

To address some of the other arguments taking place in this thread - for your average Head To Head'er those 3 Nico albums are melodically pretty accessible and this knee-jerk attacking of music which is considered difficult by some really should cease.

Ooh, get you! ; )

TBH I haven't heard much of Nico's solo stuff in years, but it never did a lot for me back then. I'd hardly say it was too 'difficult' for me though. It's not as if it's any more 'difficult' than a third of the 1st Velvets LP, or that I spend all my days at home listening to the Backstreet Boys.

I may have to give those albums another listen though. Re-appraise and all that. For all that though, I don't see why her later years should be airbrushed from history just cos she made three albums that lots of folk like.

I hope someone who calls himself NaughtyNige can appreciate that the tongue was in the cheek when comparing her to a retired footie player though. It was a bit of fun as opposed to just saying 'hey I've just heard this Nico cover and it's shit'!
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