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James Comey's testimony
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phallus dei
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Edited Jun 09, 2017, 13:35
Re: James Comey's testimony
Jun 09, 2017, 13:31
Unless I missed something, nothing came out in Comey's testimony that was damaging to Trump beyond Comey's assertion that Trump "hoped" the investigation into Flynn be dropped, because "Flynn was a good guy." Most of this we already knew, thanks to Comey's memo, which he conveniently leaked.

Apparently, Trump is still not under FBI investigation for alleged Russian ties. There is still no evidence of collusion, despite all the media hype.

Notably, Comey did refer to a February NYT article based on anonymous sources that talked about Russian-Trump ties as "garbage." It makes one wonder how many other articles based on anonymous sources that appear in the MSM are also "garbage", designed to sway public opinion in a specified direction.

Comey also revealed that Attorney General Loretta Lynch instructed him to describe the criminal investigation into Hilary Clinton as "a matter" and not an "investigation" when discussing it publically. Despite feeling "queasy," Comey went along, because "that wasn't a hill I wanted to die on." Makes one wonder how many other occasions members of the Obama administration put pressure on Comey to fall into line. It's also curious why he made no memo of this event...

Comey also stated that he refused to make a public announcement that Trump wasn't under FBI investigation, despite telling Trump this three times, and also telling members of congress the same thing. Meanwhile, leaks were constantly appearing suggesting otherwise. As Marco Rubio put it, "The only thing that didn't get leaked out of the FBI was the fact that Trump was never under personal investigation." The FBI, in Comey's narrative, appears to be highly partisan and insubordinate. It also came out that, had Trump specifically requested it, he would have had the authority to stop any FBI investigation. In short, the FBI that Comey described is not at all the way the FBI is supposed to work.

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